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Yucheng Zeyu Machinery Co., Ltd.

Yucheng Zeyu Machinery Co., Ltd.

Yucheng Zeyu Machinery Co., Ltd.

Yucheng Zeyu Machinery Co., Ltd.

Yucheng Zeyu Machinery Co., Ltd.

Yucheng Zeyu Machinery Co., Ltd.

Yucheng Zeyu Machinery Co., Ltd.

Grain Handling

The grain handling system from ZYB is aiming for making full use of the material and keeping the right malt milling status, which helps improve the efficiency of the whole brewing system.

We do the the whole malting system which consist of higher quality malt mill, grist silo, hopper, chain disc conveyor etc. The whole system can be well connected and following the request of the automatic production. We have accurate control with the mill malt amount, and it decrease the manual intervention a lot. The mashing process can be well programmed with the malting system, so the milling process can be started before brewing day and the mashing in can be preset and acted earlier.

As the brewery with different size and configuration, we have more flexible standard for grain handing system, and it is well balanced by the overall budget and the expect from client. We can configure the separate machine to lower for investment or making perfect system to lower the labor cost and find the most cost-effective way for longer time operation.


CIP unit from ZYB differs as different brewery capacity and configuration request, which includes the CIP cart, simple CIP tank, manual and automatic CIP station. Following different cleaning process and system capacity, the capacity differs from 50L to 5000L, with basic configuration of 2 vessels and 5 vessels.

The portable CIP cart and simple CIP system is connected with hose and movable pumps, which are more used for brewpub and the smaller craft breweries. The fixed CIP station can be with fully stainless steel piping or part hose, to make the whole cleaning process easier. As the exact request, it can be manual, semi automatic or automatic. The PLC can be programmed as the exact cleaning process from clients.

Cooling Unit

Cooling system from ZYB is well prepared for the existing production and future expanding, all design and solution follows exact configuration requirement, and aiming to the best energy analysis. With our advantage on choosing the right equipment, piping design, we do better temp control and more strict production control.

The whole system consists of chiller, glycol tank, HE, ice water tank etc. The entire cooling unit with its own circulation which has no bad effect with other stuff, the temp under more guarantee on acculturation. Ice water tank used for wort cooling, the water to be cooled by glycol via its own cooling jacket or heat exchanger. Water after wort cooling to be used for new brews. The cooling system can be simple or more professional as the exact output, the goal for each solution is for perfect production control on beer brewing.

Control Panel

The control system from ZYB adopts the standard requirement of food & beverage industry, with positive innovation based on beer brewing industry, which makes our control system well related with other units of the whole brewing plant. All PLC control interface and the assorted piping & valves etc following the reasonable operation of most of the brew masters all over the world, the interface is simple but clear enough, flowchart perfectly follow the the exact request.

Panel from ZYB with IP55 or IP65 protection grade, all the electric fittings use the world famous brand like Siemens, Danfoss, ABB, Schneider, E+H etc.

As the request of modernize brewing process renovation, we keeping upgrading on our PLC software, meanwhile are using more and more "Brewmaxx" software from Proleit, to make our system more suitable for higher automation request. With this we made big step on the efficiency, time, and overall efficiency and energy saving of the brewery plant operation, we believe this will be the trend of the micro brewery development, and team ZYB will be at higher level and keeping improving and innovation.

Yeast Unit

Yeast Brink

Yeast barrel is mainly used for the recovery of yeast, used for many batches of beer brewing needs, is used to save the production cost of an effective way.It is made of stainless steel beer barrel, which is used to recycle yeast from fermentation tank and used for new batch brewing. The volume includes 30L, 50L, 1/2BBL, import and export of supporting materials, inflating port, thermometer, etc.

Yeast Storage Tanks

Yeast storage tanks are used for yeast storage in small and medium-sized craft breweries. The tanks are either double-layer with jacket and insulation or single-layer tanks placed in cold storage.The inner surface of the tank is carefully treated, and corresponding sterile sampling device is provided. The tank material is made of 304 or 304L stainless steel, with mixing at the top and frequency conversion control. The internal polishing coefficient does not exceed 0.4um.The tank can be connected to the refrigerant pipeline of the brewery fermentation system.The system is equipped with a PLC control system or a connection to the entire brewing control system and a corresponding diaphragm metering pump for yeast transfer.

Yeast Propagation

As a crucial part of beer production, yeast directly influences the taste, taste and color of beer production.Zeyu Machinery has developed more yeast amplification systems for small and medium-sized craft breweries.Our yeast expanding system provides a good guarantee for further beer production process control, ensuring high yeast activity and fermentation quality.

We ensure that yeast is produced and supplied in a sterile environment.The design of the whole system is flexible and efficient to meet the needs of different types of yeast. Specific features are as follows:

- Customized design and production according to different sizes of craft breweries

- Production capacity: 5-30HL

- Single or multiple stage amplification

- Semi-automatic or full-automatic configuration according to actual requirements

- Supporting the corresponding CIP automatic cleaning system

Yeast Assimilation System

Please contact the manufacturer for more technical information and solutions


Movable pump

Aeration system

CO2 system

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