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Brew house section is normally the most important part of the whole brewery system, which is directly related with the wort and beer quality. After years of development and with the experience from all previous projects, we worked out the brewhouse system with higher but flexible standard, which fits the requirement of different beers. Further more we have more different style on brewhouse as the brewing style of different countries.

The brewhouse capacity mainly range from 500L per brew to 100hl per brew,  or 5BBL to 100BBL per brew, as the capacity and configuration request, we worked out traditional two vessel, German type three vessel, separate 3 vessel, 4 vessels and five vessel system. Which can be widely used for pub brewing, craft brewery and medium size breweries. The automation differs from manual, semi automatic and fully automatic.The brewhosue efficiency can reach to max 8-10 brews per day.

We can design and produce modular type, which saves the time and cost on installation and commissioning. The heating method can be electric heating, gas fired and steam heating, we consider the possibility on site, the brewhouse size and the cost effective analysis, to confirm the most suitable heating method.

The whole brewhouse system is strictly tested before transport, all piping, valve, pump and control system will be pre assembled and tested. Based on keeping good after sales service, we also care how to make the brewhouse system running smoothly, and lower the possibility of maintaining. To make sure all the clients can do easy brew as their own requirement and goal.

Basic Configuration:

Capacity: 5HL-100HL/brew or 5BBL-100BBL/brew

Efficiency: 1 brew/day or max 8-10 brews/24hour

Heating method: electric, gas fired or steam heating

Configuration: US two vessels, German three vessels separate 3. 4 or five vessels

Modular design or separate.


All pumps and motors with VFD control, the guarantee the most reasonable liquid transfer

Pump with water cooling to extending the using life

More professional jacket and steal line design, to improve the efficiency

More reasonable piping line design, making the operation much easier and more efficient.

The overall design achieves the max energy saving

Higher level automation guarantee good production record.

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