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Uiltje Craft Beer Co., Ltd.

Country/CityProject NameCustomer Name
America5BBL Microbrewery Project-2019

Twelve Guns Brewery

America300L Microbrewery Project-2018

The Starkook Brewing

America7BBL Microbrewery Project-2018The school of Beer
America600L Micro Brewery Project-2018BEER LAB LLC
America7BBL Micro Brewery Project -2018Cedar Crest Brewing
America5BBL Micro Brewery Project-2018Liquid Garage
America7BBL Micro Brewery Project-2018Lincolns Beard
America7BBL Micro Brewery Project- 2018

Unseen Creature

America10BBL Micro Brewery Project-2018

Parsons North Brewing

America7BBL Micro Brewery Project- 2018

Dockside Brewery

America15BBL Micro Brewery Project - 2017

Backstory Brewing

America7BBL Micro Brewery Project-2017

Our Lady of Perpetual Hops

America3.5BBL Micro Brewery Project - 2017

Bath Brewing Company

America10BBL Micro Brewery Project -2017

Whistle Hop Brewing

America25HL Distillery Project-2015

Timber Creek Distilling

America15BBL Micro brewery Project-2017

Standard Keg LLC

America30BBL-70BBL Tanks-2016

Iron Monks brewing company

Canada15BBL Micro brewery Project-2019

Brasserie Barabas

Canada25HL Micro brewery Project-2018

Avant-Garde Artisans Brasseurs

Canada12BBL Micro brewery Project

BrewSkey Brewpub

Canada10BBL Micro brewery Project-2018

Messorem Bracitorium

Canada15BBL Micro brewery Project

Micro Brasserie Shawbridge

Canada10BBL Micro brewery Project-2018

Microbrasserie Trois Lacs Inc.

Canada3BBL Micro brewery Project-2018

Equal Brewing Co.,

Canada10BBL Micro brewery Project

Brasserie distillerie Champ libre

Canada20BBL Micro brewery Project-2017

Microbrasserie St-Pancrace

Canada5BBL Micro brewery Project-2016

Bancropt Brewing

Canada25HL Micro Brewery Project

Loup Rouge Micro Brasseur

Canada15BBL Micro Brewery-2018

4 Origine Brewing Co.

Canada4BBL Micro Brewery-2020


Canada10BBL Micro brewery project-2019

Jean-Phillippe Lalonde

Canada20BBL Micro brewery Project-2015

Twin Sails brewing company

Canada10BBL Micro brewery Project

Brasserie Silo

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