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We provide you with professional and comprehensive after-sales service

To provide you with professional services, including basic technical services and consulting.We offer a variety of service options to meet your different needs, please choose one of the most suitable for your project, to ensure that your equipment throughout the life cycle to maximize the utility.Our services include the following:

Brewery Expansion&Maintain

The new service for brewery expansion setup & maintain is new developed by ZYB as the situation changing in craft market, no matter if you have the brewery installed by us, we will be supplying the service you with the most reasonable solution and construction plan based on the analysis of your existing project.

The goal is to help you with fast production, and bring you the higher value. Our service as below:

Brewery expansion&maintain

Brewery cellar (fermenters& brite tanks) expanding

Brewhouse renovation

Auxiliary machine maintaining & improvement

Entire brewery renovation

Piping system maintaining & improvement

Automation upgrading

Other related package service


After years of development, we have achieved regular return visits and regular maintenance according to actual requirements for Europe, North America and some domestic markets, to ensure that every project can run smoothly.At the same time, our domestic small and medium-sized breweries also carried out a good cooperation, on the basis of the in-depth understanding of small and medium-sized breweries also launched a quality service.Our technical renovation and maintenance of the winery are reflected in our consistent service adherence to the installation service projects engaged in by our company and our tireless pursuit of customer satisfaction.We hope to pursue and create continuous value for all our customers.

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