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We provide you with professional and comprehensive after-sales service

To provide you with professional services, including basic technical services and consulting.We offer a variety of service options to meet your different needs, please choose one of the most suitable for your project, to ensure that your equipment throughout the life cycle to maximize the utility.Our services include the following:

Remote Service

Zeyu Machinery ZYB actively develops automatic control systems with independent intellectual property rights

Remote service

After years of development, the craft breweries are moving to higher level automation to save more labor cost and increase the efficiency.

All the automatic system upgrading can be achieved by remote control, to help guiding the brewing operation, also the breweries who want to upgrade the software for expansion.

The the partnership with Proleit helps to increase such service to the higher level, which is also the basis for keeping fantastic and reliable service.

The new automation developed by ZYB will be used for future breweries as well, which makes good collocation with Brewmaxx system from Proleit.

With the development of small and medium-sized craft breweries, more and more of us are engaged in high-level automated breweries and operations. In view of the future development trend, We believe ZYB will show higher value in remote service in the future.

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